Directions to Bradclin Portfolio Units

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Directions to Bradclin Portfolio Units

Directions to Bradclin House, 20 Margaret Avenue, Pinelands

Bradclin & Social Distancing – the “New Normal” from 2020 Onwards.

Bradclin House - Our units all have their own private entrances and are spaced well away from each other.

Bradclin @ York – The parking bay is right outside the front door so just a short walk across the lawn to your front door on the ground floor.

Bradclin @ Mutual – there are 2 short flights of stairs to climb. However, the apartment is in a quiet corner with only 1 neighbour.

Bradclin @ Newlands – parking is underground so a short flight of stairs will bring you to ground level. The block only has 16 1 bed apartments.

Bradclin Beach Blouberg – from the private garage, there are 2 short flights of stairs to the apartment. These stairs are not normally busy as many persons use the lift in the next block.

Directions To Bradclin

Key collection for all units, at Bradclin House in Pinelands.

Directions to Bradclin House, 20 Margaret Avenue, Pinelands:
Mobile: +27 (0)82 718 8267

From Cape Town International Airport:

  1. From Cape Town International airport, take the N2 towards "City"
  2. Turn off at Exit 11, Jan Smuts, stay in the right hand lane and take the Pinelands turn-off, Exit 11B.
  3. Continue along Jan Smuts until the first traffic lights where you turn left into Forest Drive, Pinelands.
  4. Turn left at the next traffic lights into Ringwood Drive, then immediately right into the Forest Drive Service road, which runs parallel to Forest drive.
  5. Drive down one block, turn left into Margaret Place.
  6. Bradclin House is a double-storey, the second house on the left marked 20 on timber driveway gates. The house is surrounded by a hedge and faces a field of pine trees.

Check-in Times: 14.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs.
Please note that we do not have a 24 hr Check-in Desk so Late Check-in is, unfortunately, not available.
Early Check-in is sometimes possible – please contact us 24 hrs prior to arrival.

Your co-operation in this regard will be much appreciated!

Bradclin Properties GPS Positions:

Bradclin House - Pinelands: 33° 55' 37.20"S 018°30' 56.79"E
Bradclin York - Pinelands: 33°56' 19.06"S 018° 31' 12.54"E
Bradclin Sport - Newlands: 33° 58' 03.79"S 018° 28' 11.39"E
Bradclin Beach - Blouberg: 33° 47' 28.61"S 018° 27' 38.78"E

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